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The Complete Mobile Marketing System For Your Business

SMS Text | Email Marketing | Mobile Coupons | Mobile Websites | Virtual Business Cards

More Leads = More Sales!

As a real estate agent you know how important new leads are to your success!  With our software you'll generate new leads, follow up with them automatically and store them in your own database for future communication.

PLUS, our proprietary real estate software takes all of the guess work out for prospects interested in any of your properties.  They get all of the property information plus your contact information QUICKLY!  AND, you get their number to call them or contact them at a later date! 

We have designed realtor specific packages to help you and your business.  You will soon see that the Xtreme Leads system is the realtor's BEST friend!

Your Virtual Business Card

Always have your business information available AND collect your prospect/client's phone number at the same time!  In 30 seconds they will have your information and you will have their number for future use.

Your  App

(814) 123-4567

The app icon on your phone is a link to your own personal virtual business card.

Just click the app icon on your phone and your virtual business card app opens. Get your prospect to type their mobile number into the form on their page.

Once the client hits “Get V-Card Now” they instantly receive a text message on their phone.

The text message contains all of your information with a link to all of your listings!
Their number goes into your database for future communications.

 Your Information To Your Prospect......FAST!

See how this system works for you AND gives your potential client all the information they need and want quickly and directly to their phone!  PLUS, you now have their number in your database for future contacts and communications.  Create campaigns for new listings, send out special coupons and so on.  This is why Xtreme Leads is right for you!



Automatic response with your link sent right back to the prospect's phone!

When the prospect visits the link, they get all of the property information right on their phone!

Create your keyword, your group and add to all of your signs and property literature. 

TRY IT!  Just text 'myhouse' to 28748 to see a local demo

 WAIT!  There's More!

Xtreme Leads provides an extremely powerful marketing system that gives you more leads, gives those leads information, captures that lead in your database AND does it all AUTOMATICALLY
The Virtual Business Card and Real Estate App is a phenomenal combination for lead generation, but there's MORE to your marketing package!  Xtreme Leads IS the BEST platform you'll see .

  • SMS Text Campaigns
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Website Creator
  • Mobile Coupons
  • Loyalty Program
  • Advanced System Training

As a busy real estate agent, follow up and setting future appointments is sometimes hard to find the time to do.  Xtreme Leads makes it EASY for you!  Send out Appointment Reminders, create custom Text Campaigns to give out information even create your own custom 2 page Mobile Website and send it out in one of your campaigns!  Create a Coupon and add it to your real estate listing app to drive people to use YOU as their trusted agent. 

(Our Most Popular Package)

We understand.....advertising and marketing in today's business world can be expensive, especially for an independent agent that bears the burden of funding all of their marketing efforts.  We have put together a marketing package that makes your budget stretch just a little further.

Think of it this way, for a yearly investment of less than $800, you can increase your leads, communicate with clients and most importantly..... increase your sales !  With just ONE sale, your Xtreme System is more than paid for itself for the entire year, PLUS it's less expensive than traditional marketing methods and gives you MUCH more ROI.

For your convenience we can also create custom packages based on your needs if our most popular one is not for you. So what are you waiting for? Take your business to the Xtreme and start getting more leads and sales today!

 Xtreme Realtor

$29.99 Per Month

w/ ONE time $15 Set Up Fee

500 SMS Text Messages
1 Virtual Business Card
20 Real Estate Listings
Unlimited Keywords
Landing Page Creator
Mobile Coupon Creator
Loyalty Program
Advanced System Training

ONE TIME $15 Set Up Fee
One time charge of $44.99 (Includes Set Up)
Then $29.99 each month